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Surrealistic Scapes

By Vince Giuliano

As you may have noticed by now, I love to experiment with different art styles. In this gallery I exhibit some of my recently-created fantasy environments - landscapes and great halls populated with strange objects or people. I made the environments digitally starting with photos, again using the Kaleider program. I can pretty much guarantee you that the scapes, mathematical symmetry and scale transforms of the photographs, leave little clues as to what the original pictures were. I have also added in additional image elements in most of the pictures to provide the surrealist feel.

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As in the Kaleidoscope art gallery, I show each image both in constantly shifting color representations and in static form. And finally, I have matched soundscape music to each image. The music heard in this gallery is composed and created by Avin Baird.

Please see Important tips for viewing the images with sound and shifting color . To view an art piece in its original static form, just scroll down the page. When you are ready to go on to the next image, simply click the back button on your browser untill this screen comes on again.

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Music on this page: Segment of Time by Avin Baird