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Places That Never

Art, music and stories by Vince Giuliano

I have lost count of exactly how many countries I have traveled to over the years – perhaps fifty, perhaps sixty. And on practically every continent. In the process I have seen all kinds of amazing palaces, gardens, parks, tombs, city squares, monuments, churches, mosques, museums, courtyards, ruins – and what have you. Places that feel good to be at and places that give me the creeps.

This gallery consists of almost places from around the world - places that you can only visit in this gallery because they don’t quite exist. Have a great trip!

My suggestion for best viewing in this gallery is to scroll down to the color-changing image and watch it while you listen to the music. You can read the little story before or after depending on your taste.

In most cases I made the art by starting with a photo I have taken of a real place and then applied the power of geometric transformations using Kaleider. I incorporated elements of pure 3d-art fantasy and my own skies and people here and there, and then went on to write the stories and compose the music.

Most exotic places I have traveled to come with little stories, the kinds that are told by local guides. I thought these almost places should have little stories too, so I made ones up.

Changing the color balance of an image can sometimes strongly affect the impression it makes. I therefore show each image both in static form as I have made it and in a constantly shifting color representation.

After making the images, writing the little stories and putting this galery together, one important thing was still missing - sound. The images did not want to remain mute. They wanted their voices before they would allow me to put them online. This posed a problem for me - finding twenty-six appropriate 40-60 second music segments that would not bring the copyright police rapping at my door. After wrestling with the problem for a few days, I buckled down to composing my own soundscape music segments. I was able to match music I had created earlier to a few images. But mostly I composed the music to match the art pieces they go with - including the music you are listening to right now.

Please see Important tips for viewing the images with sound and shifting color . If Java is not working on your computer you will not be able to see the color-shifting images. When you are ready to go on to the next image, simply click the back button on your browser untill this screen comes on again.

All images and sound segments on this site © Copyright, property of Vincent E. Giuliano.
All rights reserved. Reproduction allowed by written permission only.
Contact artist for permission.

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